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Sunny Intervals



-3 days till

Jul Sep
You can only visit the Brussels Royal Palace during summer. Every seat, every ceiling and every mirror is more decorated than a wedding cake. Biggest attraction: the mirror hall by megalomaniac artist Jan Fabre is the biggest attraction: 1.500.000 glowing green dead beetles carefully pinned to a ceiling.

-1 days till

03 Jul
Erm... a beach? In Brussels? OK, it took us some improvising with trucks full of sand, plastic coconut trees and cocktail cabanas, but this comes close to a summer beach, right next to the canal and with a skyscraper skyline.

16 days till

20 Jul
It’s like the 4th of July, but with good beer instead of stars and stripes. 21st of July: spectacular fireworks and a military parade. But every Brusseleir knows the real party happens a day before (20 July), when locals get drunk, dance and sing to Belgian classics like Le Grand Jojo and Stttella on the marketplace in the Marolles.

20 days till

Maybe one of the coziest free summer festivals Brussels has to offer. Hosted by the 9 youth clubs of Brussels, this festival has a non-commercial vibe and offers besides quality music lots of food stands and animation.

28 days till

‘Boterhammen in het park’ has local bands playing in the park next to the Royal Palace, during lunch hour. And when it’s getting dark at night, more international bands play intimate music (singer-songwriters, weird country, electronic dub, ambient pop) during ‘Feeërieën’ - something like a magic fairy time.

41 days till

14 Aug
Big festival in the center of Brussels, during 10 nights. Last year, the BSF programmed acts like Patti Smith, Texas, Aeroplane, Sergent Garcia, etc… Tickets around 50 euros for ten evenings, and a lot of the famous classic museums are included in the price.

59 days till

In Brussels, people take their cars to go to the bakery, even if the car is parked further away than the shop. There is only one exception to the crazy traffic in this city: Sunday Without Cars. Suddenly, you can hear a bird whistle.

89 days till

Nuit Blanche, which means “sleepless night” or “white night” in French, is the perfect day to explore Brussels by night. It allows you to enter places that are normaly closed at night during the whole year. Besides the official programmation almost every hip bar in the city centre organises something, from comedy to raves.
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