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14 Apr 2017
05 May 2017
Each spring, king Philip opens the gates of the Royal Greenhouses. Built in Art Nouveau style by his great-great-great-uncle (king Leopold II), they are a world apart with 15.000m2 of flowers, plants and even palm trees brought here from our former colony of Congo more than 100 years ago.

17 days till

11 May 2017
24 May 2017
Plants and music, just what we need in springtime. Les Nuits Botanique lasts for ten nights in the pretty botanical gardens, with a selection of the big names in the indie scene (like Hercules & The Love Affair, Sleaford Mods, Terry Riley) and unknown young gods (who often become big names the year after). From rock to jazz, electronics and reggae, and some dj’s in the bar to end the night.

25 days till

19 May 2017
21 May 2017
Dancing in the streets and not caring what people think? Don’t you wish you could do it every day? Well you can’t, but during Gay Pride you can and no one will blink an eye. These days the whole LGBT community of Brussels and its surroundings show their faces and party their butts off. Why not join them?

26 days till

20 May 2017
22 May 2017
You can run a marathon, or run for 3 days between 50 venues for 200 concerts. Big Belgian names play on the Grand Place or the other city squares, while students and rising stars perform in bars. There aren’t enough jazz bars in Brussels, so they’ll do it on a few beer crates if necessary. All concerts are free - check the program online.

38 days till

Jun 2017
Couleur Café is a three-day world music festival reflecting the multicultural city that Brussels is today. It’s hosted at Groentheater, a beautiful green park at the feet of the Atomium. With more than 40 concerts, Couleur Café offers the best of R&B, hip hop, world, afro, reggae, dub, Latin, salsa, son, raï and rock in outdoor dance halls and inside the industrial buildings. Towards the night, the festival features electronic music to put your sense of rhythm to the test.

68 days till

Jul 2017
Aug 2017
Visit the king’s palace! Well, not the one where he lives, but the one where he works. But hey, still a palace right? Every seat, every ceiling and every mirror is more decorated than a wedding cake. No entry allowed on bare feet or flipflop sandals. Well of course, it’s a palace you see. The special treat is that Belgian artists were allowed to decorate some of the rooms. The mirror hall by megalomaniac artist Jan Fabre is the biggest attraction: 1.500.000 glowing green dead beetles carefully pinned to a ceiling. You’ll never forget the image.

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07 Jul 2017
13 Aug 2017
Erm... a beach? In Brussels? OK, it took us some improvising with trucks full of sand, plastic coconut trees and cocktail cabanas, but this comes close to a summer beach, right next to the canal and with a skyscraper skyline. It’s probably the only event in Brussels where really everybody comes together, from Moroccan familes to Russian machos to sexy Brazilian silhouettes. Brussels beach is also popular with the male gay community - all those oiled naked upper bodies playing beach volley! Big disappointment: you’re not allowed to swim in the canal, and you already have to leave between 22.00 and 23.00.

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20 Jul 2017
21 Jul 2017
It’s like the 4th of July, but with good beer instead of stars and stripes. To celebrate the fact that we’ve had a crazy and wonderful independent country since the 21st of July in 1830, we have spectacular fireworks and a military parade. But every Brusseleir knows the real party happens a day before (July 20th), when locals get drunk, dance and sing to Belgian classics like Le Grand Jojo and Lou & The Hollywood Bananas on the marketplace in the Marolles. If you’re lucky, it rains, because only then it’s really Le Bal National.

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Aug 2017
(date TBC)
Pissing in the bushes, groups of blowing dreadlocks, ear damage after nine hours in the techno tent... How we love the big festivals! But if you feel like something else for a change, you might enjoy Boterhammen In Het Park and Feeërieën. During lunch hours, local bands play in the park next to the Royal Palace, and when it’s getting dark, more international bands take over the music kiosk from 1841. The music stays intimate (singer-songwriters, weird country, electronic dub, ambient pop) which explains the title Feeërieën - something like magic fairy time. /

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06 Aug 2017
15 Aug 2017
There’s too many summer festivals in Brussels. From May to August, no weekend goes by without one. Strangely, the name ‘Brussels Summer Festival’ was not taken yet, so now we have this one too. Tickets are around € 40 for ten evenings, and a lot of the famous classic museums are included in the price - so you don’t get bored during daytime. This year, artists like Pet Shop Boys, Feist, Orbital and more are coming over.

130 days till

Sep 2017
Every year we welcome the new students by letting them skip school. Brussel Brost (= Brussels skips school) is a free festival for the students of Brussels where they can break in the new year and get to know each other and the city. Mostly national artists like with an international headliner (like Crookers last year). For all info and a full lineup, check the website.

130 days till

Sep 2017
(date TBC)
From cutting edge experiments to earbleed electronics, BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival is all about hi-tech music. Last year’s line-up included artists like Veronica Vasicka, Vessel, Ron Morelli, Plaid… Furthermore there are audio-visual installations and performances, all revolving around new technologies.

146 days till

17 Sep 2017
In the past Brussels was ruled by cars. People took their car to the bakery even if it was parked further in the first place. This has changed during the last couple of years. Just look how the famous boulevard Anspach in center was turned into a car free zone. It’s not perfect, but it’s a step in the good direction. The ideal endpoint would be Sunday Without Cars, when cars are banned in the entire center of Brussels. From rope skipping on Rue de la Loi to skating down the biggest boulevards... It’s all possible on this wonderful day!

166 days till

07 Oct 2017
During Nuit Blanche (which means “sleepless night” in French) you’re allowed to enter places that are normaly closed at night. The streets and squares of the city are full of art and performances with groups of rebels proclaiming the “Independent State of Brussels“), a flock of city swans made from satellite dishes and more crazy stuff. Besides the official programmation almost every spot in the city centre organises something, from comedy to raves to...
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