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01 Jan
Every first Wednesday and Sunday of the month you can enjoy a nice day of free museums in Brussels. Yeah that’s right, FREE MUSEUMS. You can take your time and look around, or sprint from one to an other and try to do them all in one day.
All the info on the website or at our infodesk!

2 days till

29 Sep
Every year we welcome the new students by letting them skip school. Brussel Brost (Brussels skips school) is a free festival for the students of Brussels where they can break in the new year and get to know each other and the city. This year on the agenda national artists like: Darkan, Crookers, Faisal, Woodie Smalls and many more. For all info and a full line up, check the website.

4 days till

01 Oct
Nuit Blanche, which means “sleepless night” or “white night” in French, is the perfect day to explore Brussels by night. Nuit Blanche allows you to enter places that are normaly closed at night during the whole year. Besides the official programmation almost every hip bar in the city centre organises something, from comedy to raves.

5 days till

02 Oct
Bâtard means bastard, but in a good way. This festival shows what Brussels is all about, with an international mix of young (mostly under 25) dancers, photographers, musicians, and actors. They do not only perform in theatres, but also on a basketball field, in an old school or at a supermarket entrance. You have never heard of any of these artists before, but everyone with the right sense of adventure feels right in his / her place. You start the night at a meeting point, but then it’s a total surprise where they’ll take you in the neighbourhood.

Date coming soon.

59 days till

25 Nov
To really get into the Christmas card mood, swing by the Brussels Christmas market. There is loads to see, eat and drink. Afterwards you can go ice skating, to lose all of that weight you've gained and if you really want to, have a fake snow snowball fight ;). Merry Christmas!

128 days till

For one night, it’s young people who call the shots in twenty Brussels museums. Expect graffiti, breakdance, catwalks and dj-sets in places that weren’t exactly meant for them, like the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Army Museum or the old Hallepoort. While the concerts and performances go on, art students do guided tours (in Dutch and French, but English and Spanish too). Goes on until 1 o’clock, with a famous afterparty.

186 days till

Apr May
You can only visit the Brussels Royal Palace during summer. Every seat, every ceiling and every mirror is more decorated than a wedding cake. No entry allowed on bare feet or flipflop sandals. Well of course, it’s a palace you see. The special treat is that Belgian artists were allowed to decorate some of the rooms. The mirror hall by megalomaniac artist Jan Fabre is the biggest attraction: 1.500.000 glowing green dead beetles carefully pinned to a ceiling. You’ll never forget the image.

216 days till

You can run a marathon, or run for 3 days between 50 venues for 200 concerts. Big Belgian names play on the Grand Place or the other city squares, while students and rising stars perform in bars. There aren’t enough jazz bars in Brussels, so they’ll do it on a few beer crates if necessary. All concerts are for free - check the program online.

247 days till

Couleur Café is a three-day world music festival reflecting the multicultural city that Brussels is today. It’s hosted at ‘Tour & Taxis’, one of the most beautiful industrial sites in Europe. With more than 40 concerts, Couleur Café offers the best of R&B, hip hop, world, afro, reggae, dub, Latin, salsa, son, raï and rock in outdoor dance halls and inside the industrial buildings. Towards the night, the festival features electronic music to put your sense of rhythm to the test.
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